What does tax credit do for us and you?

What does tax credit do for us?

Your contribution will be used to pay for registration fees for Regional and World competitions (which require air-travel), as well as the many different materials necessary to build our robots. Your donation will also allow us to continue to mentor other teams and impact our community through our many outreach programs.

What does tax credit for you?

When donating to a school through tax-credit, you will receive a receipt that writes-off your donation, meaning you can help out local students without any loss to yourself!

How to do Tax credit

How to do tax credit (Digital)

1. Go to this SUSD Tax Credit link: https://www.susd.org/Page/453.
2. After reading the information about tax credit, click on the 'Donate Now' button at the top of the page.
3. In the SCHOOL drop-down menu on the next screen, select 'Saguaro High School'.
4. In the ITEM drop-down menu on the same screen, scroll down and select 'ROBOTICS-TAX CREDIT (T869)'.
5. Input the amount of your donation.
6. Click the blue BUY button.
7. Click the CHECKOUT button.
8. Click the PAY button on the next screen and follow the remaining prompts to make an online payment. You will have an option to print your receipt for the donation for use with your tax return.

How to do tax credit (Physical)

1. Go to the link Tax Credit / Scottsdale Unified School District Tax Credit.
2. Scroll down to where it says 'Tax Credit Documents' on the right hand side.
3. Click on the document '2023 - 2024 Tax Credit Form'.
4. Fill in the information under Step 1.
5. Under Step 2, select the school 'Saguaro HS'.
6. Under 'Step 3 - Select Preference', write 'Saguaro Sabercat Robotics Team 4146'.
7. Send form and check to the address listed on the form.