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We are an educational program out of Saguaro High School that inspires students to specialize in technology, science, finances, math, marketing and engineering, and apply these skills through FRC Robotics. We teach them how to be a leader and how to work with a team. We work with businesses, schools and our mentors to create robots to compete and collaborate with the FIRST community.

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Tax Credit

Arizona has a great Tax Credit program that allows Arizona residents to choose where their own money goes, instead of the state government. With this form of contribution, you lose no money. Tax Credit is not a charity. However, they are a great way for an Arizona citizen to make a painless contribution to the community. You contribute money to a particular school club or organization, and then you can claim this "donation" to get credit on your taxes. You get compensated dollar for dollar you paid upfront to your taxes as credit.

Essentially, you're diverting the taxes you'd have to pay, to the state anyways, to a specific school club/organization. As a Arizona citizen, you can contribute up to $200 to a club and have it reimbursed in your taxes. A married couple can contribute up to $400. Contributions received from January 1, 2017 thru April 15, 2018 can be claimed on your Arizona State tax return for either 2017 or 2018.

How to donate Tax Credit

Physical Payment:

1. Download and print this document

2. Enter your Customer information. (ex, name address, etc)

3. Select Saguaro HS as the school. This will ensure the money you're graciously contributing gets to our school.

4. When you go to fill out the 'Activity' section, write 'Robotics.'

5. Enter a memo, or student name. (Not Required) This allows you to direct money to a particular student

6. Pay

7. Submit

Digital Payment:

1. Visit this website

2. Enter your Customer Information

3. Select the School from the drop down box. This will ensure the money you're graciously contributing gets to our school.

4. Select the Activity from the drop down box, as Robotics

5. Enter a memo or student name (Not Required) Allows you to direct money to a particular student

6. Enter Amount

7. When finished click > Pay

8. Enter payment information

9. Click > Submit


Why become a Corporate Sponsor?

By donating, you're equipping high school students with how to run a business, how to employ leadership, design, innovate, and solve real-world problems. Your donation could help us register for competition, buy the materials for our robot, provide safe and effective shop equipment, take our students to a world competition and to host competitions for our younger aspiring engineers. As our Robotics members becomes upperclassmen and begin to look for internships, because of your sponsorship, they are more apt to turning to you.

What will your sponsorship do?

As a supporter of our FRC Sabercat Robotics Team, you are not only allowing us the materials to compete in our competition, you are also providing the safest, most necessary equipment in order to manufacture and program a well-designed robot. When you donate, your company's logo will be featured on our t-shirts, banners, featured on our Robot during competition. Be part of the Sabercat family and show your support for a local, public school educational organization.

What's in it for you?

When you become part of our Sabercat family you'll receive several benefits. Your company's logo will featured on our t-shirts, banners, and robot. With this source of advertising, your company will be seen by hundreds of people at competition, and at the many outreach events we organize. You'll also receive updates on important milestones during our season. That way, you will know what your most important money has done to help us.

Sponsoring us through Tax Credit

We realize that it's not always feasible to donate as a company, but your employees can help. You as an organization can have your employees use their tax credit for our school club, and still receive the same benefits as a traditional sponsor would. It's a win-win situation! They're going to have to pay taxes anyway, but this way we can use the credit they might not be taking advantage of.

Our Corporate Sponsors

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FIRST Robotics

As much as Sabercat Robotics teaches their members, we are also deeply involved elsewhere in the community. We make it a incentive to not only teach high-schoolers, but reach out to younger schools as well. Our students teach those younger students and get them introduced into programs like the First Lego League (FLL) and Vex IQ robotics. We also take part in many of our communities' events, such as handing out waters at spring training games, or taking part in the 2017 March for Science.

Our Business Model

The Sabercats function in a democratic manner, to have efficient and accountable leadership. We succeed by electing several officials to oversee and manage sections of our members. A department head is chosen, and represents that department (i.e. a Programming Department, or a Outreach Department) From there, they oversee and set timelines for their other members, and collaborate/check in with other department heads to make sure things are going according to schedule.


Our students are taught in CAD using Solidworks, and use it to create models of our robot. They used the design process effectively to brainstorm, prototype and then refine the design, in a cyclical format. Proper training and communication is key, as the Design Team works hand in hand to not only strategize, but to work with and for the other branches of engineering, being cognizant of hand space/tool clearance, or where the electronics are going to be placed on our robot.


Every student that is a part of our program is personally taught an engineer's perspective on how to design, build, lead, and problem solve. We keep all of our students engaged and hands-on, as we believe that is the best way to keep students attentive and curious. We teach them on a variety of machines like the bandsaw, jigsaw, belt sander, chop saw, etc. to aid them in fabricating whatever the designer has envisioned. Before they get the hands on experience, we explain the proper way to use the machines and what every part of the machine does. Our mentors and safety captain, however, constantly monitor the safety of every individual in the shop. Because of these precautions and implementation of the shop rules, it's a preventive strategy to avoid preventable mistakes/injuries. Once the 6-week build season starts we all rely on each other to get certain pieces done for the robot so everyone needs to be able to use every machine.


Our student programmers are trained to be able to work in a professional environment. They must adhere to a strict style guide set up by the Chief Software Engineer in order to develop consistent, reliable, and maintainable code. By applying simple and complex math skills learned in school, along with programming logic and syntax learned from senior programmers, they create programs in the language of Java that allow our robot to do the things it does. Some of the concepts learned included advanced control systems, vision processing, and other software engineering tasks.

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Creating and encouraging a lifestyle of curiosity.

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